For a long time I have been wondering of how people, even very experienced yoga teachers, talk about ego in the context of yoga. It really bothers me especially if people talk about crushing their ego. The Term ego, as we westernes (or New Age spiritualists) oftentimes understand it, does not apper or is not even mentioned in yoga texts. Therefore us yogis can't have ego problems. ;) We should not talk about ego in the context of yoga. Our issues with ourselves are something else, but not ego related at all. 

There is however term "I-ness" which means a person's sense of self. And we totally need it. Without it we can't exist as self-reflective human beings. The Sense of I-ness makes us who we are. It keeps us connected to ourselves and to the world around us. Think of this: how can one learn through experience of yoga if one does not have the sense of I-ness? We can't be self-aware or develop our awareness if we do not have the sense of I-ness. It should not be destroyed, we need it. 

Discussion of crushing the ego or killing it is not yoga. It is violence. Yoga is violence free path.